Augustana, The Maine cover Ryan Adams

Pop/rock takes a stab at Ryan Adams – thoughts? San Diego’s Augustana, fresh off the release of their newest self-titled disc, teams up with The Maine for a cover of “Dance All Night”, a Cold Roses favorite of mine, on their current tour together.  I will take any excuse to talk about Ryan Adams, and I’ve found yet another.  Audio available below as well.



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4 responses to “Augustana, The Maine cover Ryan Adams

  1. Brody

    NEVER. No one should cover a Ryan Adams song, especially someone who can’t sing.

    • Ivana

      Fuck you.
      The Maine and Augustana are perfect. They sing very very very very very very very very well.
      So, if you don’t like it, just leave.

  2. Lydia

    Not that ‘Summer of 69’ Shit , Alright this is “RYAN Adams”

  3. karlee

    AMAZING! ❤

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