Stars and Sons

“You plant it and you plead for it to grow.”

This record isn’t exactly new – at least not in the age of Internet immediacy and our woeful ‘life at warp speed’ mentality. Nor is Stars and Sons, as many seem these days to be, a band of barely one calendar year.  The Brighton, UK five piece has been recording and playing together since 2009, with the fruits of their labour being the debut LP Good Morning Mother. With a beaming trifecta (the Guardian, Huw Stephens, and This Is Fake DIY) of approval from important UK media outlets, both indie and mainstream, S&S is easily one of Brighton’s finest indie pop bands.  Record number 2 appears to be in the works.  Fingers crossed.  I should probably have you listening to “Future Proof” or “Out of View”, but I’ve opted for my favourite instead.

Stars and Sons – Fights Already Fought

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