Grand & Noble

“What’s there left to do?”

As a Midwesterner living abroad, I’ve come to appreciate even more my little slice of Americana here in Minneapolis while I visit.  Midwesterners are people to know – bright, good-natured, and savvier than you might think.  Chicago, being the region’s capitol, if you’ll allow that slight of geography, is especially wonderful.  Overflowing with all kinds of talent. Grand & Noble is one such windy city example – a sharply dressed indie-folk duo with a new name-your-price LP. Click through to Bandcamp and download the ten tracks, with special attention to “This Light” (available below) and “Delicate Boy”.

Grand & Noble – This Light

more info…



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2 responses to “Grand & Noble

  1. Heard these guys recently. Really impressive. And you don’t have to be a Midwesterner to appreciate them.

  2. annon e mouse

    seriously good beginning to end

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