Boat To Row, new single

“I’ll be seeing you in all my regrets.”

I’ve never been to the Midlands, but I’ve found a reason to go.  Boat To Row has been gracing the home/bedroom/ipod airwaves since I got hold of the Crossroads EP sometime last summer.  You can read my previous post on the band here, and fall in love before all the nu-folkie hipsters find them first. The band’s new single “A Boat To Row, To Row To You” (for preview via Vimeo in the above video) will be released by istartedafire Records in early May.  And, if you live in Middle England, make an effort to get to a show.  I surely don’t speak from experience, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t be disappointed. At all. Even one bit. Additionally, you can purchase some tracks from Bandcamp – link below.

more info…
Official Site



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