Olympians, “To Our Wives and Sweethearts”

“I am a stranger here.”

As an American living abroad here in London, I still succumb to a bit of English charm.  When Norwich’s Olympians released their newest EP To Our Wives and Sweethearts recently, I was expecting such charm.  The band switches back and forth fluidly from pop/rock and radio sheen to sinuous post-punk guitar acrobatics, with equal parts indie irony (tracks names such as “Lager Tops Please I’m Driving” and “You Don’t Have To Be A Prick To Work Here But You Are”) and earnest best-mates songwriting at work.  The 4 piece just finished a mini-tour in January, but I have been told to expect more dates in the coming months – with a possible London date this Spring.  Will be there with bells…

Olympians – Foreign Language

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