The Scottish Enlightenment, “Little Sleep” EP

“…and everything seems to make sense.”

I’ve been spinning my wheels trying to come up with an accurate way to describe just how much I love this band.  My words usually fall short when describing Aberdeen’s criminally underrated Scottish Enlightenment and the few releases I’ve been known to get animated over.  I’m hoping my new UK address will allow me to catch a show within the next year, assuming the band makes it down to London.  Find the Pascal EP and listen to “All Homemade Things” over and over. And over again. The newest disc, Little Sleep, comes by way of Glasgow indie Armellodie Records and hits digital shelves next week on September 27th.  It’s equally fantastic.

The Scottish Enlightenment – San Germain is Thick Tonight

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  1. Nah, they’re massively over-rated 😉

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