Papa Vs. Pretty, “Heavy Harm”

“I don’t know what these people want.”

They’re a band of babies.  Almost literally. Papa Vs Pretty started with 15 year old Thomas Rawle a few years back, who writes and records beautifully lush and ahead-of-his-time tracks in addition to studying for his year twelve exams back in Australia. I’m not sure if the grades have suffered, but the music sure hasn’t.  I’m really fond of the band’s debut self-titled. So, if you’ll allow me to speak in cliches, the newly released Heavy Harm had some sizable shoes to fill.  They’ve been filled, and I’m happy to pass along a track from both old and new…

Papa Vs Pretty – Heavy Harm
Papa Vs Pretty – Sleep (Again)

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One response to “Papa Vs. Pretty, “Heavy Harm”

  1. absolutely agree with you! their music just gets better & better, so glad triplej picked up these guys
    they’re amazing thank you

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