Tired Pony, “Dead American Writers”

“I have read your words a thousand times.”

So, I’m going to be pretty unapologetic about this one.  Quite frankly, the Snow Patrol news ticker isn’t something I follow religiously – and I’ve only just heard about thew new side project today on public radio.  Gary Lightbody does, however, have a voice of pure gold that I could listen to for hours on end.  For his new project, Tired Pony, Lightbody enlisted the help of former bandmate Iain Archer and his wife, Peter Buck of R.E.M., and Belle and Sebastian’s Richard Colburn (a supergroup indeed…).  While I wouldn’t call it a “country” album, as the band self-describes,  it certainly sits along the alt-country, folk-pop fringes.  Lightbody doesn’t steer far from the radio anthems that Snow Patrol is both loved and lambasted for, but the record is nonetheless quite stunning.  The band currently has two October shows, NYC and Los Angeles, on the grid.  The disc is already out in the UK, and can pre-ordered in the States for a September 28th release date.

Tired Pony – Dead American Writers

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Official Site

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