Airship, “Spirit Party”

“Coming out the woodwork to tell us what they really heard.”

Cast a net over the wonderfully abundant talent pool that is Manchester, England, and  you’ll come up with Airship as one of its best and brightest. The band has been burning through my brain since I heard them on a holiday sometime over a year ago.  I love the new Algebra EP just as much as I love its precursor, Spirit of the Beehive.  The two seem to bleed completely into each other anyway, sharing the standout track “Algebra” that initiated the whole love affair.  Rich, melodic indie rock – with equal parts slow meandering riffs, group shouts, and bona fide alt-pop choruses. You can download an additional track, “Kids”, via the band’s Myspace page.  Not that Manchester is a hop, skip and a jump from London, but I’m on a serious mission to see this band play in the next few months…

Airship – Spirit Party

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