Last Days of April

“Warm-hearted, you became so numb.”

This band is good.  Consistently fantastic, actually. I’ve been in the habit of posting mostly new, lesser known artists.  I suppose posting long-established, yet still lesser known, is much of the same. Last Days of April have been together for years, and at least four or five of those I’ve spent listening with a big befuddled grin on my face.  The Swedish four piece has a substantial list of releases, each as good as the next.  Deep Elm put out one of my favorites, Angel Youth, here in the States back in 2001. Bad Taste Records have been the band’s most avid supporters and financiers in their native Stockholm.  I haven’t kept up like I should, but it sounds like there is another record waiting in the wings, all mixed and mastered, and ready to drop. Their whole catalogue is worth listening to, but I’ve arbitrarily picked and included a couple of my favorites below.

Last Days of April – It’s On Everything
Last Days of April – Aspirins and Alcohol

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