Le Loup, “Morning Song”

“…as the world woke up.”

I’m not sure when exactly I became the designated Googler, but a friend of mine asked me to track down a song from one of the BlackBerry BBM commercials that has hit primetime in the past few months.  After uncovering “Morning Song” by Le Loup, I haven’t been able to leave it alone. In fact, I’ve been pretty enthralled with the band’s entire sophomore effort from Hardly Art, entitled Family.  Le Loup’s numbers have swelled  to five since songwriter Sam Simkoff started the project as a lone wolf in his bedroom.  The band resides permanently in Washington, DC and, as far as I can see, doesn’t have any shows on the grid for the time being – I’ll be watching closely, though.  London trip, Le Loup?

Le Loup – Morning Song

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One response to “Le Loup, “Morning Song”

  1. Jon

    This is my favourite of all the things I’ve heard through this blog. Keep it up

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