Delta Sleep, “The Corinthian”

“I know the way home.”

The wonderful world of Twitter.  Up until creating an account earlier this year, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.  A quick bout of situational boredom and curiosity finally threw me into the pit of ultra-scattered thinking (as if I needed more of that) and the oversimplification of 180 characters.  Thanks to a random @elephantsmusic tweet, I am a newly christened Delta Sleep fan.  I know little about the group – except that they’re from Canterbury and have played alongside a number of other fantastic, like-minded bands.  They’ve also listed their “Sounds Like” on Myspace as a Sudoku puzzle, which is probably the most fitting explanation they could have given without using words.  According to their Bandcamp page, the band’s new EP is on its way.

Delta Sleep – The Corinthian

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