“Have I lost sight of you?”

Sometime last week, I had a big revelation that I’m fairly positive no one else cares about even one iota.  I’m still going to tell you about it, this blog isn’t a democracy.  I’ve been listening to Norwich’s Pennines for over two years now, and there was always something so indeterminably familiar about the whole package – the vocals, the often piquant and angular instrumentation, and the languor of the melodies.  After realizing last week that the vocalist belonged to a long lost favorite of mine, saleontomorrow, everything made sense (look around the ‘net for the band’s demos and split with Brailing, well worth it. “Lip Service to Friends” is stellar). The keen ability to make something sound equally technical, sharp, and bright all at the same time was always pretty astounding to me.  How bands with such obvious and earnest technical song crafting abilities fly under the radar and putter out because the right people aren’t paying attention is such an inequity. Would be a shame to see Pennines meet the same fate, especially as I’m desperate to hear a full length from the four piece.  Included below are two of my favorites – a track from the BSM Summer Collection back in ’08, and from a split single with This Town Needs Guns.

Pennines – Open Closed Open (highly rec’d)
Pennines – Pilot Holes

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