By Land or Sea, “Hell Broke Loose”

“We said ‘forever’ way too much.”

I’ve been listening to the Kingston, NY natives – in various incarnations – for years and years, and I grow more fond of the band with each passing demo, EP and, this time around, a new full length album under a new name.  By Land or Sea, formerly Frankie and His Fingers, know how to craft one splinter of a song. I grow exhausted sometimes trying to both determine and articulate exactly why I enjoy something, and, conversely, how to convince others that they too should be as enthusiastic. My reasons for being crazy about this young band are a bit nebulous, but I’m pretty sure that’s how music should be.  The new LP is called Hell Broke Loose, and you’d be out of your mind not to look into it.  Posted below is my favorite from the aforementioned, but check out my previous post for some additional tracks and insight.

By Land or Sea – I Saw You On a Map of Egypt

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