You Animals, “Shotgun Valentine”

“Last night was the last time I wanted to see you.”

Should’ve followed up with this months ago.  After writing about the band’s debut Halfway to Heartbreak single over a year ago, and well knowing early this fall that the new Shotgun Valentine single followed in its wake, I failed to motivate myself to post about it.  Mistake.  The song has graced my player an obscene amount of times, and its good tidings should have been spread far and wide.  You Animals hails from Derby and, in an odd mix of self-deprication and serious precision, describes themselves as a “yelping, riffling, distorted and choatic little band.”  Don’t know what their plans are for the time being, but maybe someone can enlighten me.  Read last year’s post as well to download the B-side from Halfway to Heartbreak.  Otherwise, download a total of 4 free songs from the You Animals Bandcamp page, linked below.

You Animals – Shotgun Valentine

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