Lydia, Assailants EP

“My God, what a mess I’ve made.”

Here begins the mighty farewell to Lydia, a criminally underrated indie/ambient four-piece from the deep talent pools of suburban Phoenix.  The band flew under the radar – relatively so, known mostly to genre enthusiasts and regular visitors to some of the scene’s online rags – for the entirety of their seven years together.  How they managed to win the hearts and minds of the lucky crowd that followed them and not a much wider audience is dumbfounding.  The new Assailants EP contains seven new tracks that the band will showcase during their farewell tour this summer.  Dates can be seen on their Myspace page.

Lydia – Empty Out Your Stomach

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One response to “Lydia, Assailants EP

  1. Rafael

    God, I love this band so much.

    I saw them a few years ago in my small hometown in upstate New York, Rochester. The singer is incredible and the entire band gives so much.

    The music is haunting and inspiring. I will miss them. It’s a shame music this incredible doesn’t seem to last.

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