The Muscle Club

“That’s not really our worry right now.”

London via Cardiff via an obvious fondness for callused ’80s punk rock comes the Muscle Club.  I’ve spent the better part of two or three years listening to the band, and why I never got a word in edgewise about the “Hail! Joe Hale!” demo or waxed poetic about last year’s Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs EP will forever remain a mystery.  The new demo, included below, is decidedly more scrappy than those that passed before – and I’m not in the least bit bothered.  “We Don’t Watch We Stare” is an instant favorite, and I knew so before I even heard it.  And I can’t help but notice, as a native Minneapolitan, that the track has Westerberg written all over it.

The Muscle Club – We Don’t Watch We Stare

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