Boat To Row

“This body may be broken but this heart’s forever spoken for.”

A revival implies a period of rebirth or reawakening, but maybe the cultural theorists have it all wrong. Some people call it “nu-folk”, but perhaps Britain never quite tired of folk music in the first place? Bands like Boat To Row simply carry the torch anew for the decades old tradition of modern musical folklore. Charming, lyrically loquacious, and completely dripping with the all trappings of a talented middle England folk ensemble.  The newly released Crossroads EP, whichhit shelves” back in May, is just as delightful as its predecessor – The Young and Quirky EP. For good measure, a track from each is included below for sampling.  The band will play with Fionn Regan at London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on July 12th, a gig that surely heralds measurable success in the months to follow.  And to prove that good old fashioned folk will never go out of style, even with the most unlikely of audiences — Boat To Row have already been included on a Holy Roar compilation.

Boat To Row – Night The Owl Slept
Boat To Row – A Boat To Row, To Row, To You

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