Fulcher, Smith & Dance

“Bring in the new year.”

As an offshoot (of sorts) of Bournemouth indie sensations Art Brut, new project Fulcher, Smith, and Dance are nothing like the mother ship. Thoughtfully articulated indie rock, bona fide Nick Hornby “sad bastard” music – regardless of what one might label it, I’m excited to hear more.  The band was born in a Hampshire country house via the “booze fueled recording marathons” of Marcus Fulcher and Paul Smith.  The two later enlisted the help of some willing Art Brut members and a new bass player to form FSD as you see it today.  Plans to play a few shows in August are in the works, so follow the band on Twitter for more information.  Another demo track is available for free on Bandcamp.

Fulcher, Smith and Dance – Kiln

more info…

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One response to “Fulcher, Smith & Dance

  1. Tim

    Yeah they’ve finally got round to offering up some MP3s for us to share. Hamish (the bass player) is one of our writers on TBW – so great to see you writing them up 🙂

    How are the plans for the move to London going anyway?

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