Wild Nothing, Evertide EP

“What do you want to know? I’ll tell you anything.”

What a fantastic songwriter you are, Jack.  Virginia’s Jack Tatum, who records and performs under the moniker Wild Nothing, has risen to recent international indie fame with the recent release of his wonderfully ethereal debut LP Gemini. He follows long after with his new EP Evertide, which also the first release on new indie label – London’s Warmest Chord. Both are funneling delight into the coffers of shoegaze fans far and wide, and the genre’s enthusiasts have a lot to be excited about.  The music is all sorts of serene, dreamy, and loose and has made my usually starry-eyed self even a bit more abstracted than usual.  Wild Nothing spends the end of July and most of August gigging for fans in the UK with a quick trip to Germany, Austria and Denmark in between.

Wild Nothing – Your Rabbit Feet

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  1. Hey, i recently interviewed Wild Nothing for my blog

    Have a look here and feel free to comment 🙂


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