Tom Williams & the Boat; Concentrate

I’ve always been a champion of young London band Tom Williams & the Boat, as evidenced by this, this, and my always overwhelmingly enthusiastic commendations when my friends ask, “Who are we listening to right now. I like it!” Moreover, I’ve always appreciated the DIY efforts that band’s make in their quest to reach a few more pairs of ears. When Tom recently e-mailed telling me about the group’s newly re-recorded single “Concentrate” and the full length album to follow in it’s wake, both of which they are self-releasing through their own Wire Boat Recordings, we thought it best that a downloadable track be left out for the time being – especially considering how generous that band has been in the past. Catch a full preview of the track via the YouTube link above, and purchase the track on March 8th when it becomes available.

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