Marvin’s Revolt; Patrolling the Heights

“This could very well be the end.”

The Brits and the Swedes never had a hard time making music, but it’s time we started paying more attention to the Danes. Marvin’s Revolt, a Copenhagen three piece, has been one of my favorite bands since my 2007 post about their debut album Killec. In the past two years, the band has toured through most of continental Europe and the UK. This month takes the band out to the far East as they tour in Japan in support of their new full-length entitled Patrolling the Heights. Both albums are equally fantastic, but the songs included for preview below are from the latter.

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  1. i first learned of marvin's revolt from this blog. the new album is fantastic. a definite must-have. (though i'd "highly recommend" 'likewise' and 'taking one for the nation' over the other tracks).

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