“We’re all too scared to say that we know better than to throw our lives away.”

Like the rest of middle America, it doesn’t seem that Elkhart, Indiana has much to boast about these days. You’d be wrong to assume as such. inbirdseye, a self-described “collective of four young men with musical attributes,” are ripping quickly through the post-punk scene and catching the attention of the many math-rock connoisseurs of blogosphere. Their 3 track demo is soon to be followed by a self-produced new EP entitled Speak Easy. The band submitted to me the following two tracks from the upcoming mini-album to share with the rest of you. I myself haven’t listened the new EP, but I’m excited to do so once it drops.

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  1. I have scanned through all of hype machine and have not found a single post concerning a midwest (Chicago) act by the name of Six Gallery. Your taste seems to reflect one who knows a thing or two about the Minus the Bear-esque, This Town Needs Guns-y melodic math rock. Rumor has it they were originally an instrumental post-rock quintet before the inclusion vocals.Seriously. It will blow your mind that they have not received much attention yet. Caught them at a house show here in Indiana and it was explosive, dynamic, ethereal. Really worth your time. You'll thank me.Also, might I add, that your combination of northern U.S. and Brit preferences makes for one of the most worthwhile blogs I've discovered thus far. Unpretentious. Keep it up and I'll be coming back.

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