Haunting Party

In the event that the ukulele inexplicably reminds you of the Christmas season, or if you’re rightfully starting to tire of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” then I’m more than happy to introduce you to Nashville’s Haunting Party. The duo of Nathanael Mehrens (a CPMU favorite) and Aimee Romero bring a load of cute and kitschy cheer in the form of their six-song holiday EP. It’s pretty darling, and I think we’d all be hard pressed to find a single person who doesn’t enjoy it. Two tracks are for download below, but the entire disc can be downloaded via the band’s Bandcamp site for FREE.

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2 responses to “Haunting Party

  1. hey:) just found your blog and i have to say- great work! thank you so much for all the songs. it seems we have similar taste in music, so thank you for introducing me to so many new bands:) you rock! keep up the good work.

  2. Seconded. Great stuff.Merry Christmas.trustyourtechnolust.blogspot.com

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