Brother Louis Collective

“We’ll watch the world fall from the inside.”

My last year’s posts are pretty telling, and it’s more than obvious that I’ve got a thing for the Scots. I still can’t put down Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Fight, I become more acquainted each passing day with the Twilight Sad’s entire catalouge, and the smattering of young Scottish bands that I’ve been spinning in-between have yet to outwear their welcome. Today’s discovery of the Brother Louis Collective, from Glasgow, thus only fuels my Scottish fervor. The band’s debut single, “These Barren Years”, which I heard for the first time all but 20 minutes ago, was great enough for me to literally stop my day’s doings in their tracks to share with you.

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4 responses to “Brother Louis Collective

  1. This is incredible. I have you to thank/curse for my new-found obsessions with everything Scottish. Thanks for another great find!

  2. Great to see another Brother Louis Collective fan!Old Balloons is an amazing song.

  3. Also Dave T, if you fancy feeding this new-found Scottish obsession then take a wee visit here —> for the shameful plugging!)

  4. Thanks much! Good bad or otherwise, consider yourself bookmarked…below "Come Pick Me Up" though!

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