Frankie and His Fingers

“Just flip that ‘charming’ switch on.”

It’s a pseudo-discovery.  It was years ago when I first stumbled upon Frankie and His Fingers – when they themselves were only about 18 years old and I even younger.  The tracks that would later become the band’s One Hell of a Skeleton EP were played in my house ad-nauseam. Only days ago did I revisit band’s page to discover the addition of four new tracks, two of which are included below.  I like Frankie and His Fingers for everything they’re not. They’re not polished, the recordings are a bit rough, and most would think the whole musical package in general could use a little tightening up.  They’d be wrong, though, because these are the very qualities that make the band inexplicably great.

more info…
Purevolume (to download 2 additional free tracks)



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5 responses to “Frankie and His Fingers

  1. What a great find! "cool with cars…" is pop majesty. i'm really liking this.

  2. these guys need more exposure.great band.

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