the Drums

“Wake up, there’s a new kid in the town.”
If New Order wrote less about doom and gloom and cared as much about surfing and summer beach-frolicking as do Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham, I’d have a helluva time telling you which band I prefer more. The two Brooklyn transplants, who call themselves the Drums, have no problem genre bending, blending, and mixing the music of decades long past. Their “fascination with 50s surf culture” coupled with the inspiration drawn from bands like the Smiths and Joy Division allows for an interesting catalogue of tracks that will live on long after the summer season. The aptly titled Summertime EP hits the digital shelves on August 4th and is already available for pre-order.
(x) The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
(x) The Drums – Best Friends
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  1. i love this band:) i heard them on the radio and now i'm hooked. thank you for the songs:) you're truly great:):)

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