Tigers That Talked

“Another fear with every year.”
After happening upon Tigers That Talked only a few months ago, my days have since been spent in waiting as the release of the band’s upcoming Black Heart, Blue Eyes EP creeps closer. It’s not that haven’t had enough to hold me over – the band’s previous “23 Fears” single, which is itself pretty brilliant, has been played ad nauseum (though I could actually never tire of the track) in the interim. The day is nearly here, however, as Bad Sneaker Records will put the disc out come June 8th.  Front Jamie Williams anchors the 4 piece from Leeds, England with his near-perfect yet never overwrought vocals. TTT is busy the next few weeks with a few shows in London, as well as some gigs in Manchester York, and hometown Leeds. 
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3 responses to “Tigers That Talked

  1. This band are so frickin’ good… Their song-writing just blows me away

  2. come see tigers play their ep launch gig in leeds uk at the brudenell social club, some great supports including ellen and the escapades who we have just released a single of.

  3. Love Tigers that Talked! I was trying to find bands similar to them and I came across this new band from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don't know if you've heard of them. I'd really recommend them, their music is wicked. Their new album is out this month. Here is their official site, check it out! -http://soundofguns.wordpress.com/

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