The Working Title; Bone Island

“Maybe there was nobody else, but I felt followed…”
I still listen to the band’s major label debut, About Face, pretty regularly. Even after writing about the band at length for the past few years, I’ve yet to grow tired of the Working Title. Frontman Joel Hamilton has been playing and recording since his mid-teens, and watching someone grow up via a series of songs, albums, and EPs is a pretty interesting thing to do. Granted, I’ve been busy growing up myself, but following a band for 5+ years is a feat for someone like myself.   It could have been 10 if I was still spinning my self-titled Backstreet Boys disc from elementary school (the world should know: I’m not).  TWT’s new disc Bone Island just came out last week.  It follows the band’s unplugged EP Heart – which I highly recommend.
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