never enough Tom Williams…

“At twenty-two I was unprepared…”

Talking about him again? Already? So soon? I can’t help myself. I’m still spinning the latest Tom Williams & the Boat EP like it’s the only music that matters. For being a young guy, Tom is pretty damn prolific.  Although he’s fresh off the release of the much-loved Doing My Best EP, he’s already got a new single in the pipeline.  The band is very generous with free tracks and such, so venture on over to their official site – you’ll make a killing. “90 MPH” and the accompanying track “Too Slow” with be released on June 15th.  And as always, head out to see the band play if you’re in London…!

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3 responses to “never enough Tom Williams…

  1. their songs are quickly becoming my most played, nice one. thanks

  2. Hey, thanks for the blogroll listing, I'll add you to mine :)Tom Williams is bloody lovely isn't he? Just such atmospheric, flowing music, can't wait for an album.

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