White Belt Yellow Tag

“It’s killing every one of us.”

From the demise (nothing good ever comes of the fatalistic “indefinite hiatus”) of experimental group Yourcodenameis:milo comes England’s White Belt Yellow Tag.  Outlets such as NME and Radio 1 seem to have their eyes locked pretty tightly on the new duo from Yorkshire. The new EP was released on March 30th and is widely available through nearly every imaginable online retailer. Although band mates Craig Pilbin and Justin Lockey are together able to capitalize on Lockey’s post-punk beginnings, they seem to prefer a back-and-forth between epic guitar instrumentation, such as on their newly debuted single, “You’re Not Invincible” and the relative minimalism of the disc’s closer, “Song About Growing”.  Keep your ear to the ground, you’ll be hearing a lot about them – if you haven’t already…

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  1. I'm really into White Belt Yellow Tag and was trying to find bands similar to them. I came across a new band from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don't know if you've heard of them. I'd really recommend them. Here is their official site-http://soundofguns.wordpress.com/

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