Halloween, Alaska : Champagne Downtown

“You don’t have to have opinions on everything.”

James Diers has a voice of which I will never ever (ever ever ever) grow tired.  It’d be kind of hard to, anyway, considering that Diers and his band Halloween, Alaska have been a bit of a local Minneapolis enigma for the past few years.  They play a few shows, only when it suits them, and release some new tracks every two or three years (…and I have thus been happily forced to spend a significant amount of time with the Love-Cars back catalogue in order to get my fill). He’s undoubtedly one of my favorite lyricists – for reasons I still can’t effectively articulate after a solid 4 or 5 years of rumination.  Je ne sais quoi, I guess.  The band celebrates the highly anticipated release of their new disc Champagne Downtown at First Avenue tomorrow night.  I’ll probably buy you a beer if you go.
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2 responses to “Halloween, Alaska : Champagne Downtown

  1. Wow, you were right about this guy's voice… it is absolutely captivating. Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Great stuff. New photos were just posted from a show they played at the House of Rock… you can check them out on Volume One's site here: http://volumeone.org/photos/albums/15/204.html

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