Tom Williams & the Boat

“I’ve got things to do, I’ve got homework too.”

Out.of.the.woodwork. That’s the best way to find music, anyway.  This young London sextet epitomizes, to a very precise and meticulously crafted “T”, anything and everything that I’ve ever liked about music – folk, pop, indie or otherwise.  Only a week off the release of their new EP, Doing My Best, Tom Williams & the Boat probably has a lot to smile about. Williams has a noticeable penchant for post-irony, and is able to be humorous without being flippant. It’s a charming combination.  Londoners should pay mind to the band’s few upcoming shows.  If you like what you hear (surely, you will), the TW&TB official site has a large collection of free tracks – as well as the band’s current single, “Mary”.

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