Now and Forever

“The king and the thief might see that they look the same to me.”

I had almost lost faith in my local scene these past months. Its certainly not for a lack of talent in the Twin Cities, however. Probably my own fault – I’ve been tremendously busy and have heretofore been disconnected to anything happening locally. I even live right behind one of the best venues in town and have yet to make to a show this semester. Now and Forever came at a good time…a great time, in fact. The band’s new EP, “Of Wounds and Blessings…”, is monumentally impressive. Ages aside, they might be one of the best bands in the area. I’m certainly open to taking arguments in opposition to the aforesaid statement, but I still think Now and Forever would put up a good fight.

Now and Forever – The King and the Thief
Now and Forever – Lions

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