The Stills ; Oceans WIll Rise

“…I’ve been everywhere in the world.”

They had me wholeheartedly with Logic Will Break Your Heart, but very nearly lost me with the release of 2006’s Without Feathers. Though certainly a bit more organic than it’s predecessor, WF just seemed a bit uninspired and, well, boring. As far as the Stills are concerned, I was in a very precarious position up until the band’s apparent reinvigoration and the release of their new disc Oceans Will Rise. I’ve rediscovered why I was originally so fond of our neighbors to the north. What’s not to like about a bunch of good looking Canadian blokes, anyway?

The Stills – Being Here
The Stills – Snakecharming the Masses (highly rec’d)

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  1. Nice post – the stills took some time to hang with us a few weeks back and played a few songs including "being here"check them out

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