Captain Phoenix; Life.Temper.Riot

“Loneliness, it is contagious…”

London is teeming with talent. To even attempt to sift through it all invariably proves cumbersome. When you’d rather not rely on the “indie” musings of mainstream media giants such as NME and, conversely, the obscure hipster rags prove too high and mighty – what’s a kid to do, really? I’ve taken to watching closely a chosen few, Captain Phoenix amongst them, that I’m keen on keeping up with. Although the band’s debut LP, Life.Temper.Riot, has been at least a couple of years in the making, their effortless and organic pop/rock charms certainly haven’t been lost on me. CP’s unabashed staving-off-adulthood anthems –“we drink to the sun, smoke to the stars”- seem to be an everlasting staple in my musical diet as I am indeed trying my hardest to stave off adulthood. After attending the band’s record release show this spring, I think I’ll stick around awhile…


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