Kiki Pau

“Why can’t we communicate?”

I’m off for the next 16 days to backpack around Italy and Greece, and I thought it only fair that I sneak a post in before I leave. Often times I open my inbox to a slew of band solicitations that, if I even bother listening at all, leave me unimpressed. However, Finland’s Kiki Pau made it to my ears somehow…thankfully so, at least. I couldn’t help but notice their (strange) penchant for my hometown of Minneapolis, and on top of that, their (not so strange) penchant for the Replacements. Anyone who sings Westerberg’s praises is more than alright by my standards. These Helsinki boys have a few of EPs out, all of which can be purchased from the link below. I highly suggest listening to some of the other tracks they’ve posted as well.

Kiki Pau – Going Steady

more info…


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