4 or 5 Magicians

“…that’ll teach me. No one else did.”

Sorry, I hadn’t realized it’s been over two months. I’m still alive and well! Still in London, in fact. Been having a good time bumming around Europe, for what it’s worth. I’m off for another two weeks on Thursday, but I’ll try to get a couple more posts in before then – I owe you at least that much, yeah? I’ve some stuff that I’ve been dying to share. ANYWAY, I suppose it’s only appropriate that I post an English band. They’re not Londoners, but I love 4 or 5 Magicians them all the same. Their 2007 EP “Forever On The Edge” has been in heavy rotation since I downloaded it from e-music last week. The music is an interesting mix of pop and post punk, if there ever was such a thing, with some really great angular guitar tracking. Singer and songwriter Dan Ormsby has penned some fantastically dismissive and self deprecating lyrics as well. It’s charming, really. The EP was released on Oxford based indie label Big Scary Monsters imprint Alcopop! last year. However, it looks as though the band has some new tracks in the works…

4 or 5 Magicians – Forever On The Edge
4 or 5 Magicians – Orderly Queue

more info…


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