The Cake Sale

“My weakness knows no subtlety.”

Finals: I’ve spent the last 12,584 hours with my face glued to a textbook. It’s a glamorous lifestyle. It leaves little time for music banter, unfortunately. But, if you’re up for a quick fix…I could wax poetic about Glen Hansard. He gives me that floating-a-foot-off-the-ground feeling. I guess you could call it LOVE? He’s phenomenal. His movie Once hits shelves next Tuesday I believe…just in time for Christmas. Buy it for someone. Maybe your significant other? It just makes sense. ANYWAY, I just came across a new track that he recorded for the charity compilation disc called the Cake Sale. All proceeds go to the Make Trade Fair campaign. And you simply can’t argue with fair trade. The disc contains tracks from a lot of other notable Irish musicians, as well.

Glen Hansard – Too Many People

more info…
Official Site


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