Vicious Vicious

“The winds of change are blowing, I can see it in your smile.”

Thank you, Erik Applewick, for continually enchanting me year after year (or at least, let’s agree, every two). Though you may know Applewick via last year’s indie sensation Tapes ‘n’ Tapes, or, if you’re local, power pop group the Hopefuls, Vicious Vicious is undoubtedly his most involved and perhaps his most acclaimed project. With a new crew of local musicians in tow, Vicious is no longer a solo side project. If you don’t fall in love with VV and their third release, Parade, I’d have to seriously question your musical acumen – so I hope you’ll appreciate my candor. You can stream the album’s track on the band’s official site before you make your necessary purchase.

Vicious Vicious – Don’t Let Me Down

more info…
Official Site
Purchase (through official site)


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