“Someone was telling me how bad America is. You ought to go…”

A copy of Contact! Contact! by the London (Hammersmith) 4-piece Tellison has finally made it into my hands. I was most unrelenting as a copy isn’t yet available on iTunes, and myself and my finances have invariably sworn off import discs. If I remember correctly, I fell in love with Tellison a couple of years ago and have since been spinning their 3-song EP, Reader, to death. Naturally, 3 tracks was hardly enough to satiate me…so the news of a debut full-length was received with feverish anticipation. The album comes courtesy of one of my favorite English labels, Gravity-Dip. Sift through the rest of their roster as well, you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Tellison – New York, New York, New York
Tellison – Fire

more info…
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  1. I do love a good bit of Tellison, but my favourite track is definitely ‘Hanover Start Clapping’ (which you can listen to here:

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