“Are you trying to say that you’d rather decay than believe?”

By way of Bexhill On Sea, England comes the (fairly) new splendid little melodic-pop outfit Mumm-Ra. Their debut album, These Things Move In Threes, has been intentionally lodged in my car stereo for the past few weeks…and it elicits the same reaction from me every time. It’s a fantastic 11 track collection. I’ve included my favorite cut, “Now Or Never”, as well as the recent single “Out Of The Question.” As far as I know, the album hasn’t been released in the states – and I’m not even sure whether they have intentions to do so or not. Regardless, track this disc down somehow. It’s worth your effort, tenfold.

Mumm-Ra – Now Or Never
Mumm-Ra – Out Of The Question

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  1. This site is absolutely incredible, I randomy came upon it as I was looking for a Joan of arc picture. Your tastes are stellar and thank you for making me discover so many new and interesting bands.Keep on the good work,Marc

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