Obadiah Parker

“What’s cooler than being cool?”

Not often (nearly never, actually) do I broach the subject of hip-hop. If I do, it usually has something to do with Mike Skinner, which is probably enough to make any serious hip-hop aesthete speak derisively. Even now, it’s not really of my own accord – I can’t take credit for finding this, I didn’t just happen upon it…a friend of mine questioned me about it a couple of times last week. The track comes courtesy of Mat Weddle, frontman of Arizona folk band Obadiah Parker. An acoustic folk cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya? I tried to conceptualize it. My spirit of inquiry had me tracking it down on the internerd a few days later. Cheers, Mat. It’s beautiful.

Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya!

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Official Site


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