Jimmy Eat World hits Minneapolis

“I won’t always love these selfish things…”

Jimmy Eat World hits Minneapolis tonight (6/23). I’ve been waiting the last 5 years to see them play. It would make sense to wait until tomorrow to recap the show, but I’ll just tell you in advance what I thought: I was captivated. Chances are that you’re one of two people. Either 1) you love them, or 2) you heard “The Middle” on the radio years ago and wrote Jimmy off as a rudimentary pop-punk band. Let me lift the veil from your eyes (and ears), number 2. I spent my formative teenage years enveloped in the songs of Jimmy Eat World and am rife with admiration and esteem for anything with the group’s name on it. I would even venture to call them one of my favorites, and I don’t use the term lightly. The band’s recent penchant for more grace and experimentation is much appreciated as well. Although a new disc is in the works and should be released in the upcoming fall, I suggest you get acquainted with their latest release, Futures, from which I have included two tracks. The last track is an acoustic b-side from years ago.

Jimmy Eat World – Polaris
Jimmy Eat World – 23 (highly rec’d)
Jimmy Eat World – No Sensitivity (acoustic)

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