Weaver at the Loom/the Spirit of ’76

Naturally, I’ve always been one to champion the local circuit. And when you live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, it’s certainly not to hard to find yourself a group of genuinely talented musicians. The two forthcoming bands are my new local favorites. I can only hope that you’ll be hearing a lot more about them – and not from just me.

– Weaver At The Loom –

Excuse the overly nerdy epigram, but my cup runneth over with praise for local newcomers Weaver At The Loom. After apparently only being a band for a mere two or three months, they sure have a lot to show for it. The band already has a beautifully written and performed 5 song EP under their belt. As far as I’m concerned, any number of months isn’t enough time to perfect, record, and debut a collection of songs this good – this band, however, pulls it off wonderfully. I Was Searching And I Found, the band’s debut, which is essentially a mini concept album, is brimming with beautiful atmospherics and lush, melodic instrumentation. Stream the entire EP at the band’s Myspace page.

(MP3) Buck Up, They’re Coming

– The Spirit of ’76 –

Who said that indie kids can’t dance? The Spirit of ’76 sure makes it easy. I hate to pigeonhole, though my intentions are very good, but Minneapolis certainly wasn’t going to miss out on their slice of the dance-punk pie. The band, whose moniker pays homage to seminal British rock band the Alarm, self describes their sound quite simply as music for the “movers and shakers.” Hmm, sounds about perfect. The chosen track is from the band’s 2006 debut EP, All Talk. If you’re in town, grab the disc at Electric Fetus – you’d be doing yourself a giant disservice if you didn’t. Otherwise, out of towners can purchase the EP online via the band’s Myspace page . Be sure to head here to listen to some newly recorded demos. “We’re All Saying” comes highly recommended.


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