super tour

“You’re not what you claim to be…”

I got a message about a week ago regarding some bands I like (love) and new some new tour dates. In my opinion, it’s a super tour…of sorts. Headliners Gasoline Heart, who are certainly one of my top 5 favorite bands, are taking new songwriter David Condos and Florida band Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England on the road with them this summer. This is a show you NEED to see. I promise you’ll have a good time. All three artists have been featured here on the site and are pretty fantastic. The Minneapolis show is unfortunately 21+, but I’ll see if I can work some magic…I’ll keep you updated? The “Makin’ It Happen” Summer Tour is taking the band EVERYWHERE, so there’s no excuse. Get out and see some rock ‘n’ roll. Head here for the full list of dates.

Gasoline HeartParalyze
David CondosI Should Be Lost Without You
Mike Dunn & the Kings of New EnglandThe Queen

*If you make your way over to, you can download 5 Gasoline Heart tracks, including a new demo, courtesy of the band’s label.*

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