Wilco, A Prairie Home Companion

“With a sky blue sky, this rotten time wouldn’t seem so bad to me now.”

I was fortunate enough to see the illustrious Wilco perform as the guest musicians on the even more illustrious A Prairie Home Companion (a fantastic Minnesota tradition) this past Saturday. As if I wasn’t already running to the store to pick up Sky Blue Sky when it comes out tomorrow, I might just have to be there when the doors open. Exaggeration, I likely won’t even be awake, but you understand my sentiments all the same. It’s the first thing on my Tuesday afternoon agenda. The band played 4 (or 5?) tracks from the upcoming disc. Though I would have liked to hear a bit more from Tweedy, the banter was fairly limited. Nonetheless, great night, and I can’t wait for tomorrow. The new tracks reminded me of the little alt-country mixes I used to make in the site’s beginning stages. This time around, I’m not exactly exposing new talent. Rather, I just picked a limited few of my very favorite alt-country inspired tracks.

SpouseAre You Gonna Kiss Or Wave Goodbye?
Jesse MalinQueen of the Underworld
The DamnwellsYou Don’t Have To Like Me To Love Me (acoustic)
Paul Westerberg – Looking Up In Heaven
The Light WiresI’ve Picked Up Your Habits (White and Dim)
Whiskeytown – Wither I’m A Flower


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