Living On The Guestlist

“I can’t imagine what I’ve been missing…”

What have you done for me lately? Don’t worry, I know how you can make it up to me – and do yourself a favor in the process. Captain Phoenix, one of London’s best new bands (I love to exaggerate, we all know that – but I wouldn’t joke with a claim such as this) just released their brilliant new single, Living On The Guestlist, today. Not only is the single itself fantastic, but the B-side, apart from having a super sick lead guitar part, is slowly becoming one of my favorite songs. You’d be insane not to look into this band, and you know I’m here to make it easy for you…

Captain Phoenix Webstore
for all available purchasing options

(for U.S. residents)
7 Digital (UK)
7 Digital (US)
the “Living On The Guestlist” music video can be purchased here as well

-Hard Copy-
the single is available both on 7″ vinyl and cd
Rough Trade
Order online or pick it up if you’re in the London area


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