Tiger Lou

“There is a force that binds us.”

I’m not entirely in tune as to the amount of attention this Swedish band has or is receiving overseas, but I do know that their presence here in the states is completely under appreciated. Tiger Lou should not be ignored – they are absolutely fantastic. They write transcendent, minorly experimental pop songs – and we all know I’m a sucker for anything with even a tiny bit of reverb. Easy to please. The band’s whole catalouge is stunning, but, like most, I do have my favorites. I chose two tracks off of the band’s 2005 release Is My Head Still On. Have fun falling in love with them…

Tiger Lou – Oh Horatio
Tiger Lou – The War Between Us

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One response to “Tiger Lou

  1. I completely agree. Tiger Lou is one of my favorite bands yet NO ONE seems to know who they are.
    It is really is hard to choose favorites in music, but they’re up there for me.
    Trouble and Desire is the current song on replay in my head ahaha

    I’m always looking for new and interesting music.
    So…welcome to my blog roll =)

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