Thom Stone

“She knows which way the wind blows…”

I had first heard the music of Thom Stone months ago back in the states. He was ever so kind enough to send me some demos, but I held off on posting them simply because they were just too rough – not because I didn’t completely dig them. I’ve finally gotten around to seeing him play over here in London, and was given his newly released single, Big House, in the process. His new EP, Harmony On A Jetplane, is available for pre-order. I’ve actually have yet to hear it, but I know I can suggest it regardless. There is no way you won’t enjoy it. Also, I’ve included one of Thom’s original demos – just for good measure. Again, if you’re in the London area, stop by to see Thom play at Nambucca on Sunday (11th). It’s a charity event, you can’t go wrong…

Big House
She Knows (demo)

more info…
Purchase (pre-order)


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